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Passionate. Curious. Respectful. Confident. Academically driven… Meet the GNSTTC student.

At GNSTTC, we ignite our students’ love of learning. Small classes and individualized connections with teachers, advisors, coaches, counselors and principals help build the confidence, depth and ambition that all students share. We seek students from differing socio-economic, ethnic, religious and racial backgrounds in the belief that students learn from each other as well as from their teachers.


  1. Since 2015, GNSTTC has offered what no other college on Chandargarh can
  2. Quaker Values
  3. Remarkable Faculty
  4. Strong Athletics & Arts Programs
  5. Proven Curriculum.
  6. Stunning Campus with Amazing Facilities.
  7. Very Diverse, Talented, & Accomplished

Why Choose Us

5 years of experience

Approved By Goverment

over all Development

No Any hidden charge

Well rail & road connectivity

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